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Stefan Bauschard Debate - Supporting Debate Around the World

Oceans topic — Remote sensing cites & files


Remote Sensing Aff @ Planet Debate

Remote Sensing Neg @ Planet Debate

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Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 5-6: Nanjing

We spent April 15 & 16th in Nanjing, China where we engaged in some demo debates and sight seeing.

Our first two demo debates were at Nanjing Foreign Languages School (NFLS).  NFLS, coached by Thom O’Rourke, is widely regarded as one of the top three schools in all of China.


In the first debate, Humza & Jatin faced off against Priten and Ryan Wang, last year’s quarterfinalist in the China national tournament.


In the second demo debate, Humza & Jatin debated last year’s China national champions — Vicki & Rosalind.

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The Case for Debate: Intrinsic Motivation for Critical Thinking and Writing

ACSD Express — Read the full article here

Jon Kendall

From the oration that convinced the Athenians to spare the rebellious people of Mytilene, to this month’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court, debate has proven itself an indispensable form of truth-seeking and discernment. Liberal democracies worldwide have consistently turned to the intellectual rigor of debate to make decisions that affect the lives of their citizens.

But debate is not just for discerning policy or settling legal disputes. It can be just as powerful in the classroom for exploring controversies and experimenting with logic and rhetoric. Perhaps most of all, however, debate is highly valuable in preparing students for the kind of writing and research they can expect at » Continue Reading.

Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 3-4: Zheijang Tournament

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On April 11, 2014, the Lakeland District Debate Team began the Zhejiang Regional Tournament in Hangzhou on the topic of whether China should prioritize reductions in income inequality over economic growth.  One hundred and thirty three teams from Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Ningbo competed in the tournament.

DSC08351 photo 1-1 Like the Chinese teams, we were given our code for the pairings.

photo 2-1

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Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 1-2

Over the next ten days, Lakeland District Debaters Humza Tahir and Jatin Bharwani, as well as coaches Priten Shah and Stefan Bauschard, will be traveling in China to compete for the first time.

April 10

We arrived in Shanghai mid-afternoon on April 10th and enjoyed a great “hot pot” Chinese meal where we had the opportunity to have some boiled staples — shrimp, tofu, vegetables, chicken, and lamb — as well as something new: Duck blood. It certainly was tasty, thought it was felt a little strange to think about eating it. We spent some time in the evening preparing for our debates.

April 11

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The core skills of a successful debater

Over the next 10 days debaters from the Lakeland Central School District debate team will compete in a debate tournament in Hangzhou, China and engage in demonstration debates in Nanjing and Shanghai.

To prepare for these debates, particularly the demonstration debates, I asked the coach of the Nanjing Foreign Language School, Thom O’Rourke, for a list of skills he’d like us to demonstrate. Thom, the coach of last year’s China national champions, outlined the following:

1. Sound like you are winning. “Sound like you are winning” literally means that – it means that as a debater you need to sound like you are winning the debate, even if you believe that you are in fact losing the debate. To sound » Continue Reading.

Meet Rayvon Dean II NAUDL 2014 Debater of the Year

This year, for the first time, NAUDL is pleased to recognize exceptional debaters who embody the values of the urban debate community. We are pleased to announce the first-ever NAUDL Debater of the Year, Rayvon Dean, a debater with the Detroit Urban Debate League. Rayvon will be recognized and a featured speaker at the Annual Dinner on April 10, 2014 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC. We also congratulate our six Runners Up and twelve finalists (see the complete list). The Annual Dinner kicks off our Urban Debate National Championship, held April 11-13 at Georgetown University.

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