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Bibliography — Offshore Wind

June 9, 2014
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General web articles

Wind energy: offshore permitting. Reviews permitting action necessary to develop offshore wind projects. This is short and a bit technical, but there are some good cards in here about the role of the states.

The use of the sea for wind energy projects.  General article, but it contains some useful evidence about developing wind in the EEZ and the Great Lakes.

Offshore Wind Developments in the United States: Institutional Issues, Environmental Regulations, and Jurisdictions.  Discusses issues related to permitting and the environmental review of wind power.

Marine renewable energy policy: Some US and international perspectives compared.  The title sums it up.

Review and analysis of ocean energy systems development.

A paradigm shift in the permitting of renewable energy projects

Energy from Offshore Wind

Offshore wind benefits sea life

DOE Offshore wind grants

The economics of offshore wind energy

Maryland offshore wind

Offshore wind power could alter ocean currents

Wind farms

Creating an offshore wind strategy in the US

Fulfilling the promise of offshore wind

Mass stakes out its role in offshore wind

Regulatory uncertainty hinders offshore wind development

The advantages and challenges of offshore wind

Affirmative — General

Wind farms can benefit the ecosystem

Untapped Wealth: Offshore wind can deliver cleaner, more affordable energy.

The west coast could soon get its first offshore wind farm.

Encouraging investment is key to offshore …

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