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Debating Offshore Wind Affirmatives

June 30, 2014
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PD Aff file, PD Neg file  Wind Bibliography



The Affirmative case to support the development of offshore wind power is already popular with Emory (Aff file, Neg file), Michigan (Aff & Neg file) and the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance (Aff file, Neg file) releasing the Affirmative case. Given that there are multiple proposals to develop ocean-based wind power in the US EEZ this is not surprising.

There are three basic plan approaches to stimulating the developing of offshore wind energy.

First, some proponents call for the passage of a permanent tax credit for offshore wind energy.

Simon Mahon, 2010, Oceana, Untapped Wealth: Offshore Wind Can Deliver Cleaner, More Affordable Energy and More Jobs than Offshore Oil,

Renewable energy projects and manufacturers are more likely to proceed if there are consistent, predictable signals from governments and private markets to stimulate investments. Over the past several decades, onshore wind energy in the United States has periodically had access to tax benefits. Unfortunately, these have been short-term commitments, renewed annually, which provide inadequate assurance to those considering long-term investments. When these renewals end, the industry will likely constrict. As a result, fewer planned projects have been completed than what might otherwise occur with a more consistent signal from the government.This boom-and-bust, year-to-year uncertainty harms the onshore wind industry and must not be allowed to extend offshore. In order to create a consistent and predictable …

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