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August 2013 Korea NFL Championship

Last week I had the opportunity to judge and assist with the tabulation at the August 2013 NFL Korea national championship.  Students who reached the final rounds of competition are qualified to compete at the US NFL tournament in June of 2014.

The qualifying rounds for the individual events were held on August 11th at Korea University.

The qualifying rounds for debate were held on August 15th at Korea University.

2012-08-20 05.13.08

On Sunday, August 17th, the final elimination debates were held at Korea University.

Sunday, August 18th featured the final rounds of competition as well as the awards.

2012-08-20 01.00.34


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Harvard Debate Hosts First International Public Forum Tournament

On April 13-14, 2013, the Harvard Debate Council hosted the first annual Harvard Debate Council International Public Forum tournament at Harvard University. The tournament features teams from Seoul-based NFL Korea, Massachusetts, New York, and Nevada.

The students from Korea arrived Thursday, April 11th and spent Friday preparing.  On Friday evening, they enjoyed a dinner at Legal Seafood in Chestnut Hill.

The debates kicked-off on Friday and we had five preliminary debates featuring competition between all middle school and high school teams.

2012-04-16 11.04.41


2012-04-16 12.10.13


2012-04-16 12.11.22


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Lakeland District Debate Competes at Korean National Championship

This past weekend, the Lakeland District debate team, represented by Priten Shah and Mihir Paradkar, participated in the Korean National Championship tournament in Seoul, South Korea.  The tournament was hosted by the National Forensic League of Korea (NFLK), which is an affiliate of the National Forensic League of the United States (NFL).

As part of the finals competition, the debaters performed two exhibition debates in Memorial Hall at the Korean National Assembly.

In the first debate, Priten Shah debated Tae Hyun Lee from Leader’s Academy in the Lincoln-Douglas debate format. Lincoln-Douglas is a one-on-one debating format where debaters debate issues involving issues of philosophy and public policy.  The debate topic chosen for this debate was drawn from the » Continue Reading.

My remarks at the Korea Winter Cup (January 2013)

I’m honored to have been invited here today to see these incredible students compete for the Korean National Forensic League national championships.  I really enjoyed watching and judging the competition here today.

In the US, I wear many debate hats.  I am a debate coach for the Lakeland School District in New York, where I coach more than 50 high school debaters.  This year, the Lakeland District team has already competed in sixteen tournaments in 8 states in the US, and now we have competed in another country on a different continent.  I am also an assistant debate coach for the Harvard Debate Council where I work with their policy debate team and support the development of their » Continue Reading.